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The company states it takes a couple of clicks to order, but it took me a significant quantity of time to purchase from I was quite confused at first because I thought it's a bidding firm. For everybody who believes exactly the same, it is not. They kind of push you to order a writer just so that they can make the extra money, but you can purchase with no small luxury and get an available author automatically assigned to you.

That's exactly what I did with this 99papers review. Most companies work just like this, so I thought it will be easy and simple. But, the ordering took some time because I had been waiting for a confirmation email for over 30 minutes, not to mention that they took some time to validate the order afterward. But there are much more important things I want to share with you, so read this 99 papers review.


99papers gets the most disappointing, shortest service list I have seen so far. They have less than a dozen options. Their options include: composition, research paper, term paper, case study, PowerPoint presentation, PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes, dissertation, and thesis.

That is it! No reviews, reports, homework help, coursework aid, or any other options that I frequently find in other composing businesses. At this point, I already started being disappointed at the service. They say they are quite popular and still, the service list is quite limited.

This would be fine if the reputation were good with the newspapers they offer, but 99papers testimonials aren't good at all.

Prices Review

The service list may have frustrated me, but this area got me excited. Together with the prices they have and the caliber they speak of, they ought to be having thousands of students ordering.

I say this as a paper prices $8.97 for a webpage. You can barely find such rates online, not when you add the reductions to the initial prices. 99 newspapers even have a 5 percent discount for first orders along with a loyalty program. I never learned the facts about the loyalty programs because the agents decided not to inform me unless I make my first buy. There are not many students who leave comments as returning clients, so this info is nowhere available.

Even their extra paid attributes are cheap. A top writer costs $7.99 if you would like to bring this to your purchase. An editor's check is $4.99 for your whole paper. In reality, based on what happened to me personally, I'd say that you should definitely pick the additional features if you choose to purchase here.

Content Quality

Judged by the costs, I should have known that the content quality of 99 newspapers will be bad. However, not only it had been bad -- it was almost completely copied from another site. I might have gotten a school paper for $30, but it wasn't worth anything -- literally. If the deadline was accurate and I needed to submit it on that same day, I'd be better off not filing anything at all.

When I employed a plagiarism checker, it gave me the most devastating result -- 69 percent plagiarism in one paper of 3 pages. This is unacceptable and entitles me to a refund, and of course revisions and a big, big apology.

To my main disappointment, I didn't get any of the.

Customer Support Agents

I first talked to a support agent once I wanted to learn about the loyalty program. They decided not to tell me about it. Apparently, they have a fixed first-time discount but provide the loyalty discounts when you make your next or any next order.

Due to my experience with them, I hardly think that I will ever order again. When I told them about it later, they stopped answering altogether. I did not even receive a revision because nobody offered one. This speaks poorly of the warranties they mention so proudly, not to mention the total grade of the company.

Final Thoughts

A limited service list isn't a massive issue, but it can be a problem. Plagiarism -- that's what happened with 99papers. Com service. They are incredibly economical and have a nice website, but the support and the quality are strangely bad.

Due to this, I stay away from 99papers, as plagiarism that covers over half of my paper is the gravest problem you can have using a writing firm. Do not waste your money here.

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