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What kind of payment does O'BOYS take? We accept Master card, Visa, American Express, Discover,Cash & Checks.
Do I have to order a minuim for catering or deliveries? No, O'Boys does not require a minium order. So order for as many or as little you want!
If I am ordering a catering, do I need to give a deposit? Most caterings do not require a deposit. However, some larger caterings might depending on the size. We will let you know when your ordering.
I am not sure of the menu yet, But  i want to save a date and time? We can do that for you, all we need is your credit card to hold your date and time!
Does O'Boys take  POs? We can no longer take pos. Payment is due on or before the day of your delivery or event.
What about taxes? My organization is tax exempt. So can we not pay taxes on our food?
With the proper tax certificate, O'Boys will not charge you taxes. Please note that we have to have a current tax form from your organization at the time of pick up or delivery.To honor this. A faxed copy is accepted.
Does O'Boys cater weddings and rehearsal dinners? YES!

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